Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Technology - State of the School - #171

It's time to push, pull, and catapult teachers into the technology age. As the "leader" I am first pushing myself to move forward, but I need a lot of support and encouragement. I learn best if someone shows me or tells me the "ins and outs", so I don't have to start at square one. Hopefully, you all will be part of that support.

This blog is a leap forward in communication. Currently at my school, #171, teachers' technology skills run the gamut - computer phobia to make everything paperless. The goal is to provide support and challenge to move everyone along their personal technology continuum. With that there are building-wide expectations (benchmarks) that all teachers must reach - web grading, getting students to the library or computer lab to use computers, and reading and sending email. How does that compare to what your teachers are doing?